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Sunday March 1st 2015



Oi – Sleep Tight!

Travelodge Marketing Campaign Marketing AlchemistI’m amused and entertained by the `Sleep Tight’ Travelodge campaign that’s around at the moment. Mr. Sleep and his Zzz Squad is clever and engaging. It’s great when there’s some good old fashioned humour with advertising. There’s usually four things that make advertising stick in memories: humour, sex, the word `Free’ or a distinctive soundtrack.

This is  a humorous little tale in the mode of `Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’, of Mr. Sleep who has a mission to ensure he gets Travelodge punters a good night’s kip, with his motley crew of AKAs Frank Sinatra a la Glasgow, Reggie Bones, Franky the Shovel and Mad Dog.

The website’s homepage is integrated with the characters and on YouTube the video of the advert has been posted, with an amusing biography of Mr. Sleep and his rags to riches story. Their Twitter feed could be utilised more for tweeting soundbytes from Mr. Sleep to maintain awareness of the campaign. Now, on Facebook, they have got it right. There’s a Mr. Sleep fan page with regular updates from Mr. Sleep himself on coping with his rise to fame, and the daily and nightly perils of ensuring a good night’s kip. Posts such as:

(Mr Sleep): `Every night at about this time I get this pigeon who starts to build a nest outside my window. He just won’t take no for an answer, he keeps the whole street up rattling those sticks about. I’m just going to pop out and have a word… see you in 5.’

Brilliant. Watch the video here.

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